[data of agricultural period city] CBOT cereal period price

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On November 12 contract of futures of CBOT12 month corn (ZCZ8) close smooth, sign up for 369.75 cent / bushel. Contract of wheaten in December futures (ZWZ8) rise 17 cent, sign up for 519.25 cent / bushel. International is derived taste wisdom library analyst to think, effect of the excessive outside rising because of wheat, shock of corn period price closes smooth, reap enter end phase, quantity of second high yield anticipates will cash, but at the same time the market is valued to demand foreground, USDA report anticipates crimple of pattern of supply and demand, restrict dish of face to drop space, later period pays close attention to exit and domestic consumption circumstance, hold of discretion of politic respect much sheet, stop caustic 364.8 cent / bushel; Suffer nominal to answer filling influence, wheat period price is pulled considerably litre, break through 60 days all line, nevertheless index of dollar of of the previous night goes strong, will weaken export competition dominant position, or diversionary and wheaten ascendant pace, still walk along situation look upon with concussion temporarily, politic respect is in 500-528 cent / trade inside bushel interval.

Orgnaization origin: International is derived taste wisdom library