Supply slant tight situation still is in concussion of perch

  • Dec, 04th 2018

1901 agreement show this week egg main force perch adjusts posture, week K line is pulled continuously grow next hatching, dish face value performance is strong. Respect of merchandise on hand, after the price drops last week somewhat look forward to is firm, supply setting to still slant close, the old structure that weak first half of the year filling column brings still does not have a change, from wash out gallinaceous price to also can see, after old chicken undertakes one falls into disuse before the Mid-autumn Festival, wait for the amount that clean out chicken to did not form pressure at present, main body breeds below egg price at present at the same time Yan Tao desire is strong.

Also few points new change is worth to pay close attention to very much:

In demand end, data of monitoring of Zhi China commerce shows it is difficult to walk along goods to slant last week, receive goods to slant close, whole behaves stability. After stock goes to be added 4 weeks first, Hubei commerce falls, the greatest pressure appeared in October all around, continue last week small drop. Terminal consumption suffers swine fever effect, of pulse type replace consumption to have to short-term demand carry display vigour to use.

In cost end, corn price goes strong to prop up breed cost. Breed below the setting of low amount of livestock on hand door have with trafficker remarkable cherish makes work and hold out price momentum, also have the capacity that is down cost marry again at the same time. Filling column respect, weak first half of the year filling column still is exerting an influence, young chicken amount of livestock on hand was occupied in October less than slanting as before. Price of egg of observation merchandise on hand is seasonal the rule, in a particular year of on the low side of integral amount of livestock on hand, price of 10-12 month egg is led probably from the price low after double section slow pick up. Basis 6, 7, the filling column circumstance August, predict to a batch of new layer can appear to leave at the beginning of December produce, but slant in integral amount of livestock on hand below the condition with close, not weak spending, whether to bring short-term impact to still cannot decide to the price, but supply slant tight situation won't transform quickly. Wash out gallinaceous respect, current chicken age although old chicken continues,the structure falls Yan Tao influence is more finite also. We think to be started again as consumption of the end of the year whole, egg price centre may continue to move up, 01 contract price is not at present marked overmeasure, later period still has up space. Price of close far month often can give out since this year outstanding covering an opportunity, this backside is the market supplies increasing anticipation and amount of livestock on hand to future all the time the contradiction between the reality of on the low side, on 1-5 price difference, this one contradiction still may be not deduced end.