Corn price " hot buttock cold face " let trafficker " v

  • Dec, 04th 2018

The near future, domestic corn price became the star with produce dazzling market, go up to drop suddenly suddenly go situation let people pay close attention to its very, especially phenomenon of a market is very peculiar. Was told popularly, value of current domestic corn market appears piece apparent " hot buttock cold face " phenomenon, produce area value to upsurge continuously namely with backwater of the price that sell a division not before formed bright contrast, market price case conducts a mechanism not free. This allows trafficker and downstream demand company " very afflictive " , for sale of store up grain is afraid that the price glides, do not receive food wait-and-see be afraid of again lose food source, the peasant that lets do not have grain of many carry out at the same time also in fear and trembling, the exclusive and happy person on the market is new corn appears on the market earlier low is bought and the person of store up grain.

"The corn sales volume since nearly two months glides ceaselessly, management profit not beautiful, the corn that comes from northeast carry so still has several train wagon to wait for annul. " trafficker of Henan Pu in relief corn often tells futures daily the reporter why, current place live pig breeds door etc basic not goods in stock, the amount that buys corn drops faster, main reason is live pig price not tall, a lot of breed a live pig amount of livestock on hand the volume is not high, the enthusiasm of filling column is weaker also.

According to reporter understanding, the adverse effect that African swine fever breeds to domestic live pig is being shown, prevent control the job relatively austere. On November 13, general office of general office of general office of agricultural country department, traffic Department of Transportation, the Ministry of Public Security gives out an announcement to ask to do exceedingly pig to allocate and transport jointly superintendency job. The main purpose of this action is be enlightened too cogent strengthen live pig to allocate and transport superintend, severe canal is severe accuse live pig to carry car, do good Africa swine fever to prevent with all one's strength control the job. Current, african swine fever is prevented accuse a situation very austere, epidemic situation happens in 17 province, already passed into live pig of our country southern hinterland to breed big province. Show according to epidemiology findings, live pig Sunday run allocates and transport is the main reason that epidemic situation crosses area to travel, do not accord with animal epidemic prevention requirement and did not clean, disinfection carries car to have taller epidemic situation to spread a risk. In the meantime, illegal element is driven in the interest below, break the law from high risk province violate compasses v live pig, partial area causes epidemic situation of African swine fever accordingly. Branch of vet of each district pasturage, traffic carries branch, public security branch to be sure to take seriously highly, sufficient understanding does exceedingly pig to allocate and transport the importance of superintendency job and pressing sex, farther aggrandizement superintends working resultant force jointly, cogent take strong step, be on guard epidemic situation allocates and transport through live pig cross area transmission.

From south area corn advocate in light of the circumstance that sell a division, although market demand does not have the evidence that appears to glide considerably, but market demand reads weak mood turning however thick. Meanwhile, value of area of produce and sale gradually to " hang " the respect is changed, the price difference of differently interval corn price also is narrowing.

With backwater of price of the corn that sell a division not before photograph comparing, produce a division especially price of northeast corn yield a division is sesame seed blossoms successively tall.

"Northeast is the person that seeks corn everywhere now, a lot of businessmen keep raise up the price is bought, but measure even if go up not to come, a lot of farmers cover provisions does not exceed wait for go up, tower of one part drying advocate also cherish makes work. " Sun Hongdi of trafficker of Heilongjiang province corn thinks, come this year the person that northeast purchases corn is particularly much, crop appears particularly little at a draught, how to know prospective corn price can go really?

From Dalian corn period price goes in light of situation, nearly a few weeks accumulative total goes up nearly 100 yuan / ton. Nearly a few day although somewhat fall after a rise, but still have a lot of inchoate made selling going out covering protecting handle bill by " close " . If press current and northeast merchandise on hand,average price comes computative storehouse only cost, dish the price of the face is not high, but the case that sells a division also is be obvious to all. Play chess of predicting market gain will still have proper time.

From future bigger to corn price impact factor looks, basically center in 3 respects: Be industry of corn deep treatment purchase demand and bear to costly case of force lose by force; 2 it is Sino-US trade problem the change that can go up in G20; The 3 development state of affairses that are later period of African swine fever.