Next year wheaten lowest buys the price to reduce prospectiv

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Last week 5, concerned orgnaization announced wheaten 2019 lowest to buy the price, the element such as value of supply and demand of cost of production of integrated consideration grain, market, domestic and international market and industrial development, via approval of the State Council, the wheat that produced 2019 (third class) lowest buys valence to be every 50 kilograms 112 yuan, with reduced 3 yuan than every 50 kilograms 2018. This is 10 come wheaten lowest buys the price to announce time one year the latest, also be successive reduce lowest the 2nd year to buy the price.

"Current, winter wheat has sowed entirely end, majority cornfield has been shiny green, the impact that announces wheaten 2019 lowest to buy the price to be formed to the market right now is very little, but the sense is great. " Fan Yinbao of Henan wheat trafficker tells futures daily the reporter, wheaten lowest buys the price to reduce the canal that means concerned orgnaization to loosening pair of markets stage by stage to accuse continuously, domestic wheat commercializes degree to will rise further, prospective policy faces wheaten market supply and demand and price go up dropping action will be ceaseless abate.

Reporter and partial milling company discover when chief communication, suffer effect of homebred this year wheaten reduction of output, current home wheaten price lies higher level, if produce not perfect bead newly this year,be as high as 2040 yuan in the price of common and wheaten delivery of cargo from storage of 20% less than / ton, the price when appearing on the market in great quantities than this year is 450 yuan higher / or so tons. Because market price standard is higher, this year when autumn sowing, farmer of very fruitful area is active and sowed wheat in time.

From current home wheat the way corp is growing looks, each advocate case of emerge of winter wheat yield a division is better, xue Tian enraged the big range rain that at the same time area of near future north appears to still change edaphic soil moisture content, be helpful for winter wheat be being formed before live through the winter Zhuang Miao and increase tillering to measure.

Buy the price to reduce in the light of wheaten 2019 lowest, concerned orgnaization controller still was made a few solve. From the point of content, the consideration that adjusts lowest to buy price level stage by stage is domestic commissariat value is great in recent years a prep above international market, inventory tall look forward to, close store pressure increases. In addition, the farmer cultivates the dynamical inadequacy of high grade commissariat, the problem such as management difficulty of the abate, company that use food highlights market vigor, affected market mechanism to produce effect. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, in recent years the country perfects commissariat lowest to buy value policy ceaselessly, began 2015, commissariat lowest buys price change to go up 7 years continuously the practice of tone, keep stable or reduce stage by stage. Through reform of 3 years, show at the beginning of effect. Was to change price level to rise the market that does not fall to anticipate only, hold city in the palm to buy a quantity to decrease considerably, commercialize purchase and sale to produce dominant effect; 2 it is to guide a farmer to adjust cultivate a structure, high grade paddy, wheaten area escalate, character rises gradually, drive our country commissariat to produce to more green and can last more direction accelerates change; 3 was to enhance vigor of market main body, activationed downstream industry catenary, state of battalion of already of commissariat treatment look forward to to good, achieved the downstream harmonious progress on the industry.

From the point of the main train of thought that perfects commissariat lowest to buy value policy about the orgnaization in recent years, insist to advance steadily working total fundamental key, revitalize the strategy around strategy of national food safety and countryside closely, with sex of supply side structure reform gives priority to a line, insist to commercialize reform orientaton and protective farmer interest to pay equal attention to, exert oneself enhances lowest to buy value policy flexibility and flexibility, reasonable adjust lowest to buy price level. Specific will tell, on one hand, want to distinguish pace of breed, cent to carry out, buy lowest valence to adjust stage by stage to reasonable level, return to the function holding a bottom in the palm of policy, want to guard food safety bottom line already, want to produce market mechanism effect effectively again, arouse market vigor, guide a farmer to adjust cultivate a structure, grow the variety with qualitative actor high price by market demand, stimulative agriculture carries qualitative synergism; On the other hand, want to use strategy making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, integratedly, sufficient play finance supports action, form a complete set perfects relevant policy, interest of protective good farmer is not damaged, kind grain enthusiasm is not reduced, ensure grain ration is absolutely and safe.