[data of agricultural period city] period price shock adjust

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On November 16 contract of futures of CBOT12 month corn (ZCZ8) drop 2.25 cent, sign up for 364.75 cent / bushel. Contract of wheaten in December futures (ZWZ8) rise 1.25 cent, sign up for 506.75 cent / bushel. International is derived taste wisdom library analyst to think, american corn spot price drops, enclothe export data is in last week beforehand the profit of appraise interval high end is good, corn of be a burden on period price fall after a rise, seasonal results activity and crude oil period price drops cause short-term suppress effect, nevertheless crimple of pattern of integral supply and demand expects space of limitative lower part, short-term concussion walks along situation look upon, lower part props up attention 360 cent / bushel, politic respect is in 360-372 cent / trade inside bushel interval; The market anticipates hasten of pattern of global wheat supply and demand is tight, wheat of your United States exports foreground to improve, the wheat that prop up period price rises, maintain in 500 cent / move over bushel, but export data performance is average last week, period price rises driving force is insufficient, rise extent suffers be restricted, overall maintain adjust situation, politic respect is in 493-520 cent / trade inside bushel interval.

Orgnaization origin: International is derived taste wisdom library