[data of agricultural period city] AgRural: Brazilian soja s

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Advisory orgnaization AgRural last week 5 express, soja of Brazilian 2018/19 year sows rate for 82% , than before a week increased 11 percent, prep above last year 73% of the corresponding period, it is prep above 5 years more 67% what all be worth, it is the fastest since having a record sow plan. Brazil is the biggest soja produces a division - city of Luo Suo of Ma Tuo case, soja sows the job almost already ending, sow rate 98% , before it is one year 90% , all be worth 5 years for 87% . Corn sows a stubble of area of the south in Brazil rate for 92% , the corresponding period was last year 63% , 5 years average level is the corresponding period 71% . Be in southern area, play the end that final the rest sows accept city as handkerchief, corn sows the job this week declare receives an official, crop grows in order.

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